Keto delivery menu


We designed a menu that can be couriered out. All stuff freezes well.

I use erythritol, almond flour, coconut flour, cream cheese, butter, mascarpone, creme fraiche, eggs, heavy cream, baking soda and powder, guar and xantan gum, psyllium husk, duch cocoa, 75% and over chocolate, coconut oil, coconut cream, avocados for my cakes.

All ingredients list will be provided. Please advise us on any allergies.


$12.90 Keto bread loaf (nuts and seeds, dairy free)
$12.90 Keto buns | pack of 6 (dairy free)
$12.90 Keto hot cross buns | pack of 6 (dairy free)
$2.90 Bounty (vegan, dairy free)
$3.90 Cookies | each
$4.40 Donuts (dairy free)
$5.90 Lamingtons (dairy free)
$7.90 Coconut slice (vegan, dairy free)
$7.90 Brownie-fudge (dairy free)
$8.90 Snickers (vegan, dairy free)
$8.90 Keto Rocky road (vegan, dairy free)

Delivery available. We don’t send to rural addresses.

Please note we require 1 day notice for all orders unless you have checked with us first.