By msC Maja Moors

 A Keto or Low-carb lifestyle can be difficult sometimes. I am well aware of the struggles and temptations, that is why I am offering my knowledge, not only academic, but practical as I have been on Keto for over 2 years.
– Meal plans and ideas come as a small booklet which contains over 20 pages of great information, tailored specifically to your needs. Once you have made contact with me, I will gather all of the information I need from you and your meal plan will be ready for you in 5 days, so you can get started!
– I will follow your progress and be there for any questions you may have for the first month and will check your progress after 4 weeks.
-There is also an option for you to work with our Mindset and accountability Coach, Bev Giles. See the link for how Bev can support you to achieve great results.
Personalised Mindset and Accountability Coaching     

By Bev Giles – Life Coach
  • I have practiced the Keto lifestyle for the past year or so and I am a huge advocate for this way of eating. have coached many of my friends who have switched to Keto also, all with stunning results. Not only have my friends and I shed weight but we have gained mental clarity, seen underlying health issues disappear and gained a whole new outlook on life. Sounds good eh?
    I have been on “diets” since I was in my early teens. My Mum (who is lucky enough never to have had weight issues), signed me up at Weight Watchers at age 14! I’m sure you can imagine the impact that had on my self-esteem. Low self-esteem is something I have battled with all my life.
    Throughout my adult life, my size had been a barrier that stopped me being my best self and also meant I was happy to hide under a bushel, instead of letting my light shine.
    – Being mentally prepared before you being your Keto journey, is going to be critical to you succeeding. I will help you to understand and take control of your emotional drivers and silence the internal chatter that sees you self sabotaging, sometimes before you’ve even got started!
    I have had a lot of great support in my Keto journey and I am indebted to the friends that got me started and supported me with words of encouragement, recipe ideas and sharing what they had learnt worked for them. Their enthusiasm for Keto was next level and I get that now!
    – The delicious treats from Ma’Keto kitchen also helped me as I have a shocking sweet tooth and would “fall off the wagon” with other diets because I always felt deprived.
    As well as preparing you, what I will do for YOU is to hold you accountable on your journey, remind you of your reasons for doing this and celebrate your achievements along the way. Preparation and Accountability are the keys to achieving any goal in life, in my view.
    Please contact me via phone or email for more information.
    021 2801866
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