Keto Truffles

Written by: Maja Moors

May 26, 2020

Truffles can be explained in three words: elegant, simple, and chocolaty.

There are many recipes and you can adapt them to be keto, but this recipe is easiest but absolutely amazing. The base recipe has only 2 ingredients, but you can add various flavors, coatings, and mold them in any shape you want. They are best kept frozen.

Mini macaron cakes with ganache and truffles

Chocolate: I only use couverture chocolate over 70% to avoid added sugar. Avoid compound chocolate. My recommendation would be Whittakers Ghana chocolate for people who are not ready to spend a lot of money on chocolate.

Cream: I only use Tatua cream, but any heavy cream will work like Anchor, Pams, or Fresh Valley…

Vegan and Dairy-free: This recipe can be made also dairy-free. Just substitute heavy cream with the same amount of coconut cream.

Optional: I don’t add Erythritol but you can add it if you want it sweeter. Original truffles are coated in cocoa powder and I use Dutch 21% cocoa powder, but you can use any, just make sure that cocoa doesn’t have added sugar (they usually do). For optional coating, you can use Shredded or Coconut Desiccated Unsweetened, for protein boost Beetroot Powder, various nuts, glazes,…

Macaron cake with ganache and Truffles


100ml heavy cream

200g Chocolate


Boil heavy cream, pour over chocolate. Stir until it forms a ganache and pour in molds. Freeze, take out of molds, and optionally coat. Enjoy.

Perfect and simple cocoa coated truffle

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Keto Truffles selection

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