Keto Crème Brûlée

Written by: Maja Moors

May 14, 2020

Crème Brûlée is a French classic dessert that is light, creamy, and addictive. It is by form baked light custard and its name Brûlée means caramelized.
This adapted keto version has only 4 ingredients and it is easy to make if you follow the steps.

Let’s talk about tempering the egg yolks

The crucial step in making Crème Brûlée is tempering the egg yolks. If you don’t want the scrambled eggs, you need to temper the eggs. Once the heavy cream has boiled, you need to slowly start pouring it over egg yolks continually whisking, so you don’t cook the eggs this way. Best is to pour a small amount while whisking.


I use only erythritol for my desserts, but you can use any sweetener of choice. I find that is best to put erythritol with heavy cream and it will be dissolved this way, as I find that otherwise will still be gritty. Traditional prep is done when egg yolks are whisked with sugar until it becomes pale and then heavy cream is poured.


For more affordable options, you can use imitation or vanilla essence, but for real taste and depth of aroma, best is to use vanilla pods. I cut them lengthwise, scrape the seeds, and put the seeds and pod into heavy cream so it can infuse that beautiful aroma. Don’t forget to take pods out before pouring into ramekins.


Best results are achieved by cooking a ramekin in the water bath. I have tried many different options for baking and I find that baking on a tray with a kitchen towel will have the same results. If you can control your fan, it should be on medium to low.


You can bake it in porcelain ramekin, terracotta, glass or simply you can buy tinfoil mini trays and bake it in that.



1 egg yolk
10g Erythritol
100ml heavy cream
1 vanilla pod


Preheat oven on 92-degree Celsius.
Put heavy cream, erythritol, and vanilla to boil.
Whisk egg yolk in a bowl. Once boiled, start tempering your egg yolk. Transfer in a tall container and scoop all the foam from the top. You should be left with yellow liquid without foam or bubbles. Pour liquid into a ramekin. Bake 15 minutes or when the middle part is wiggly, but not runny. Baking time varies on the oven, baking dish, and dept or width of the ramekin.
Leave to cool on wire rack and store overnight in the fridge. Before serving, sprinkle the top with erythritol and caramelize it with a torch, but be careful not to burn your self. Serve once the surface has been cooled. Enjoy.

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