Keto chocolate mousse

Written by: Maja Moors

May 20, 2020

Chocolate mousse is one of the best sellers. It is fluffy, airy, and chocolaty. I have made many mousses in my career, but this one is the bullet-proof recipe, as it is liquid to be placed in molds, firms up to hold a shape, but also very light when eaten. You can put it in the cup, in molds, tart filling, in the cake, so many options! If I need stiffer consistency, like for decorating, I will leave out egg whites.

Chocolate mousse tart

The key to making desserts fast is to multitask. In this recipe that is easiest if you have two boilers, so you can melt chocolate and make the sabayon. Easiest is to have a standing mixer, so you can make whipped cream and then do merengue. You can also whip the cream before, so that saves time. Have ready big bowl to combine all together, a whisk and spatula.

I use Tatua heavy cream, Couverture chocolate from Cocoa farm (70% or above), free-range eggs and Erythritol

Chocolate mousse as frosting


325g of Dark chocolate

5 eggs separated

60g Erythritol

500ml heavy cream


Put chocolate over a double boiler to melt. Mix egg yolks and Erythritol and whisk them over a double boiler to make sabayon (check tiramisu recipe for tips on sabayon). Whip heavy cream. Whip egg whites till stiff peak. Make sure the temperature of Chocolate and egg yolks are the same. Combine together all ingredients and pour them into molds. They are best frozen and then glazed, but for tarts, they will set in fridges.


Mousse cake

Video of this recipe is on our YT channel below

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