How Many Nuts And Seeds Should I Eat On Keto?

Written by: Maja Moors

June 5, 2020

Keto diet is enough protein, low carbs, and moderate fats. That in practice means that based on individual predisposition, everyone should have a unique intake of nutrients. Too many proteins will kick you out of ketosis because of gluconeogenesis, too little will start burning your muscles, not your fat. Low carbohydrates are mandatory to achieve the state of ketosis, for some that is 40g, for some 30g, but most are under 20g. When it comes to fat, people don’t seem to understand the logic behind the fat and that’s is one of the reasons for keto controversy. When you achieve to lose weight, you DON`T need to eat a maximum of fat intake. You can and you will be losing weight, but you can end up with high cholesterol and issues with high blood pressure, and your kidneys and liver will be under big pressure. Here we are talking about general animal fat, as people attend to believe that they can eat all the bacon, heaps of eggs, lots of dairies, fatties parts of meat… In moderated amounts, these fats are your friend, in excessive amount, your enemy. When we talk about fats on keto those should be predominantly good fats, like the following:

  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Salmon & Fat fish
  • Caviar
  • Olive oil, olives
  • Coconut products.

Nuts & Seeds are very important in a keto diet. Most of the cooking is done with almond flour. Being on Keto for years, I made a list and will share with you a comparison of nuts and seeds in NZ, the one I use. There is much nutritional information online, but not many NZ based and they can really vary. When purchasing, always make sure there is no gluten, soy, or added ingredients. I have personally switched to walnut flour and using a lot of Brazil nut instead of almonds, as they have way fewer carbs. See for yourself:

namenet carbsenergy kJproteinfat
brazil nut2.4289014468.6
almond whole, almond meal8235023.844.3
almond sliced, almonds blanched, almond ground7.8254021.452.5
pumpkin seed10.5234033.9461
sunflower kernel11.4244520.851.5
black sesame seed10.521502238.2
white sesame seed11253022.255.6
poppy seed6.2216821.243.3
chia seed7.2194222.832.4
All per 100g


Nutritional information can vary and be very different for the same product, so always check the label. I had an almond meal with 5.6g and 8.5g, so it can vary (here the carbs vary how much skin was added in the final product I assume). Also, these are all info on raw products, roasted or oil-fried nuts/seed will have increased value of carbs.

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