Cook keto with us

If you wanna learn how to make fast and tasty desserts, we will teach you! I know how many of you are struggling with keto, raw, and vegan healthy desserts prep. Sweeteners are not dissolving, its not sweet or too sweet, its funny texture, and other problems, will teach you how to correct it easily and make awesome desserts.
The class will take up to 3h, you will take home desserts you make, a certificate, and the opportunity to buy keto ingredients at wholesale price.
Something about MSc Chef Maja Moors
I am Chef for 15 years with international experience and a Master of Science in Gastronomy. I have held over 100 masterclasses, demonstrations, cooking classes, workshops, and TV cooking projects. Cooking and molecular gastronomy are my passions and I will share that passion with you.
All desserts we make can be eaten on Xmass! You can also get a class as a gift voucher for any session.
The price of the class is $99
Our in-person classes are
December 19th and 20th
January 17th
Our Live online classes where you cook from your home with us are $95 (we will send you dry ingredients and tell you what to get from wet ingredients)
January 10th
Bookings are through email or through social media.
Let’s cook keto together!

Shop Open Now

Our shop is now ready and we will be open on Fridays from 9 am to 4.30 pm and for pick by appointment. Our opening day is 18th December with a lot of promotions.
Come and see us at 66 Port Albert Rd in Wellsford.