3 Ingredients Keto Sweets

Written by: Maja Moors

June 3, 2020

When it comes to a keto diet, people tend to struggle the most with sweets. Desserts and bakery products are the hardest to execute in regular cooking, not only on keto, so don’t be discouraged when trying to make desserts. Takes time, practice, and many times, luck. When I started keto, I realized that there is a ton of recipes online, but when I started to try them, most of them ended up in the bin. Or the ratio was off, or it wasn’t good consistency, had a weird texture, or just lack of flavors. For most of the recipes, you would need a lot of ingredients, and the whole dessert would be usually time and money consuming. Most of the days, we all just have that sweet craving, but we don’t have time or many ingredients in the house or work to make it and we just need that easy, quick keto fix. I will give you here tips on how to overcome hunger, what you can buy and snack, and some very easy recipes, that can help you indulge your craving.

My favorite – Keto Macarons



If you are in the store and you just need something keto sweet, you can use the following:

  • Dark chocolate – look for chocolate over 70%, usually, it is Lindt or my favorite Whittaker`s Ghana. Be aware that Lindt 95% has more carbs than 90%, so always check the label. In principle, every couverture chocolate over 70% should be low in carbs.
  • Nuts – yes, they are not sweet but snacking on them will help you overcome the hunger and when you have a chance, melt chocolate and pour over or dip nuts in it.
  • Coconut yogurt – natural sweetness and different flavor will help you get a quick fix, just watch how much you are consuming.
  • Berry- yes, you can have a handful of berries, but be aware of carb intake.

Think twice before buying “low-carb“ chocolate, protein bars, and snacks. They contain maltitol, sorbitol, polydextrose, and other nasty sugar replacements. They can not only kick you out of ketosis, but you can also get bloated, gassy, and have diarrhea. So those easy fixes can annul all your hard work.

Keto lemon tarts

Easy and quick keto recipes


    1. Panna cotta

100ml heavy cream
10g Erythritol
5g gelatine

Method: Boil heavy cream and Erythritol, add bloomed gelatine and pour in a glass. Chill 2 hours.
Optional: Add 20-50g chocolate or 30g berries.
Tip: Works the same with coconut cream for dairy-free and vegan. More detailed Keto Panna Cotta recipe.

Keto panna cotta

Ketto Panna Cotta

2. Ice cream

100ml heavy cream
30g Erythritol.

Method: Whipp heavy cream and Erythritol. You can add vanilla or some other essence or flavor or more Erythritol if you want it sweeter. You can add 30g berries or 50g chocolate, 30g peanuts or other nuts, 30g peanut or 20g almond butter, coffee… You can eat it fresh or you can put it in popsicle molds to freeze.
Whipped cream is the easiest and fastest to make. Slice a couple of strawberries on top and there is your hedonistic joy.

Keto Raspberry Ice Cream bar


       3. Peanut bar

50g peanut butter
25g Erythritol
50ml coconut cream

Method: Boil coconut cream and Erythritol, pour-over peanut butter and put to molds. Freeze. More detailed Keto Snickers (Peanut vegan bar) recipe.

Keto peanut bar

4. Chocolate praline

50g dark chocolate
20g Erythritol

Method: Melt chocolate with Erythritol, make sure that Erythritol is dissolved. Pour in molds and chill.
Optional: add nuts, cocoa, or peanuts.


    5. Truffles

100ml heavy cream
50g dark chocolate
20g Erythritol

Method: Boil heavy cream and Erythritol, pour over chocolate. Pour to mold and freeze.
Optional: dust in cocoa, coconut, or ground nuts. More detailed Keto Truffles recipe.

Keto Truffles

6.  Chocolate nuts

30g chocolate
10g Erythritol
50g nuts (brazil nuts, macadamia, almonds,…)

Method: Melt chocolate and Erythritol. You can dip one buy one nut or you can put the nuts inside and mold it like a bar.

Super nut bar

7. Nutella

100g roasted hazelnuts (skin off)
20g powdered Erythritol or more to taste (nutribullet it till becomes powder)
10g coconut oil.

Method: Roast hazelnut for 5-7 minutes on 180 degrees Celcius. While still hot, put in the towel, rub them till the skin doesn’t come off, but not to worry if some are left with skin. Place in a food processor and blend until it starts forming a paste, add coconut oil and powdered Erythritol and keep blending. Store on room temp.

8. Coconut bar or balls

100g desiccated coconut
20g Erythritol
40g dark chocolate

Method: Melt chocolate and Erythritol. Mix in coconut. Form the bliss balls or a bar. You can substitute coconut with nuts or peanuts.
For blonde coconut bars, substitute Chocolate with cocoa butter, coconut butter, or coconut oil. In this case, increase Erythritol.

Coconut parfait

9. Chocolate mousse

50g chocolate
50ml heavy cream
20g Erythritol

Method: Whipp heavy cream and Erythritol. Add melted chocolate. Chill before serve (or not :)). More detailed Keto chocolate mousse recipe.

Keto Chocolate Mousse

10. Fat bomb

100g cream cheese
35g powdered Erythritol
30g chocolate (peanut butter, essence, berries)

Method: Whipp cream cheese and Erythritol till pale. Add melted chocolate (or other ingredients). Chill in a mold before serving.

Fat bomb

Check our Keto Crème Brûlée recipe with also 3 ingredients.

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